Grand Traverse Men’s Shed
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Introducing Grand Traverse Men’s Shed Association

Local men are encouraged to dust off their tool boxes and get involved with the newly created Grand Traverse Men’s Shed Association. The Men’s Shed is a 501(c)(3) dedicated to providing a “warm and welcoming” clubhouse where older residents and retirees can gather and socialize, enjoy a cup of coffee, and access tools and other equipment to work on community-oriented projects.

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How one man is trying to foster friendships among retired men

How one man is trying to foster friendships among retired men

Sometimes men don't want to admit they need companionship despite feeling lonely, especially after retirement. But one man is looking to change that, giving a generation of retired men a whole new purpose in life. TODAY’s Craig Melvin reports on Jim Novack’s Men’s Shed community.

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A big Thank You to The Grand Traverse Men’s Shed for helping with Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car Construction. Cub Scout Pack 36.

Jason Allen
Traverse City, MI

Awesome people good coffee. Very helpful on wood working and helping people. Come join us, a lot of good stuff going on.

Traverse City, MI

Great place to interact with good people!!! And we have fun too!!!!

Traverse City, MI

This group of mostly retired, but very handy gentlemen, have taken in this old retired family doctor, who even though I was handy at fixing things in the past, had no woodworking skills.  They are slowly training me in how to operate different pieces of woodworking equipment safely and introduced me to a whole new "Band of Brothers"

Each item that we build together, not only brings us closer, but hones our skills, provides us with an out for talents that we might not have, and contributes to the community with items used in the Cherry Festival, nursing homes, and even some private projects like building beehives, bird houses, and a mini lending libraries that you see in people's front yard.

Come and look us over. You might find another good reason to get up in the morning.

David Wilcox, D.O.
Grand Traverse Men’s Shed

171 Buckshot Drive
Traverse City, MI   49685

Phone: 231-409-8928

Men’s Shed Hours:

Monday 10 AM-1 PM

Tuesday 10AM - 1PM
Thursday 10 AM – 1 PM

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